Fought on illusion or delusion


October 10, 2012 by clwa1963

In our conversation this month we discussed the attitudes of  antebellum whites toward blacks and the capacity for sustaining illusion or delusion in the worldview of southern planters.  Many had a sincere belief that slaves were happy in bondage that slaves themselves understood the necessity of their place in the social order.

Have other wars been inaugurated or sustained for such an illusory world view.  If so, which ones and why?


One thought on “Fought on illusion or delusion

  1. Hubert van Tuyll says:

    To use the old cliche, I hardly know where to begin …
    But an obvious example is World War II.
    Germany based its decision to go to war on several delusions – but the most important ones were the Nazi racial world view and the belief in the perpetual necessity of war.

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